gingham blouse

Gingham Top: The New Pattern For Spring

One of my strongly held fashion beliefs is that personal style is just that-personal. So words like “trend” and “in style” should mean nothing more to you than this is what to expect in stores. You should never feel pressured to wear it solely because it’s “in style”. Wear what you like, and what feels […]

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Belize In You Review

Belize In You: Skin Care Review

When Belize In You asked if I would review of few of their skin care products, I was happy to do so. Let me tell you why …. A Company Who Gives Back When first researching the company I found that Belize In You supports cancer patients in Belize as well as the first hospice home in […]

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Kids | Mom Life

A Letter To IUGR Moms

Dear mom who just got an IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) diagnosis. I’m so sorry. I can just see you there, laying down, pre-diagnosis, excited to hear another heartbeat, see another ultrasound image, and maybe even find out the sex. I can see the tears building when your Doctor says your baby isn’t growing normally. I can feel your […]

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Boy Mom
family | Mom Life

5 Boy Mom Truths

My life is full of men: One big, two tiny. It’s safe to say my house is full of Star Wars, stinky socks, and the gear to play any sport known to man. In light of this fact, I will be sharing a few of my favorite boy mom truths with you. Let me preface […]

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Coconut Oil Cappuccino

The Best Coconut Oil Cappuccino: Dairy And Sugar Free

  Guys, I’ve found the best recipe for a healthy, coconut oil cappuccino- minus dairy and sugar, and it will still taste delish-promise. In case you missed it, Coconut oil is King of the Oils. Its benefits are SO wide-ranging. From skin, to hair, digestion, and even disease prevention. It’s even being called one of […]

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Sophi Nail Polish
Beauty | Fashion

Sophi Nail Polish Review: Say Yes To Non-Toxic Nails

Finding a non-toxic nail polish at your local drugstore is almost impossible. So when Sophi Nail Polish asked if I’d like to review a few products, I was quick to say yes. Saying my skin is “sensitive” is an understatement. Sadly, most name brand nail polishes will have me itching in seconds of applying it, and the […]

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Travel Savannah

Vintage Gal’s Guide to Savannah

If I could describe Savannah Georgia in one word, it would be charming. Cobblestone streets shadowed by mossy oak trees, the smell of southern cookin’ at every turn, the historic character proudly displayed by the architecture and the unique finds inside are all interwoven with Southern Charm. It’s like walking back in time when life was simpler and slower paced. My husband […]

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Drugstore Makeup Dupes

4 Drugstore Makeup Dupes And One Splurge

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I LOVE a good bargain. It’s why I DIY, thrift store shop, and never pass up a clearance rack (sorry babe). So today I’d like to share 4 Makeup Drugstore Dupes and 1 item you may need to splurge on… 1. Maybelline Falsies Push Up […]

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