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The Swimsuit Struggle

So, I’m a mother of two amazing little guys. My body has literally brought life into the world and sustained it, twice! It was a privilege and I am blessed to have been able to do those things. That said, swimsuit shopping post two breastfed babies is a struggle. I didn’t even know where to […]

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That Touch of Vintage

There’s just something really special when old and new pieces come together. They make the perfect couple. A touch of vintage can add that character and uniqueness to a room and keep it from looking like you just bought the whole room from Ashley Furniture. I recently found this little gem at Eco Relics in Jacksonville, […]

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DIY Vintage Chalkboard

Once upon a time I really liked this vintage painting. Then we moved, our wall colors changed, and it just wasn’t working in the new space. So I need a way to make it work…. I still loved the frame so I decided to keep it and give it a dose of chalkboard paint!      Unfortunately I […]

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