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Fall Décor + DIY Magnolia Leaf Runner

October 14, 2016

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me,

Fluttering from the Autumn tree.”

~Emily Bronte

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for, it can also be one of the cheapest. To me, fall is all about bringing nature in and admiring it. Fall decor doesn’t need the bells and whistles of Christmas décor. It can be simple, rustic, and even free. Even in Florida where fall colors can be slim pickings, you can still find pieces that will work-dry leaves, acorns, etc…

This year I honestly didn’t need to buy a thing for my fall tablescape. I just used staple pieces from my décor closet: white cloth napkins from Target,a white tablecloth from Target, and a burlap runner from….you guessed it-Target. All inexpensive pieces that can be tweaked a bit and used every season. I also used gold chargers from Walmart (in store), and gold candlesticks from various thrift stores. Last but not least, my vintage book collection always comes in handy when decorating. For the place settings I chose books with covers that matched the autumn tones in the leaves. These books make for great conversation pieces too, especially if you have a few new guests at your table.

Fall Table Setting

I also chose twine instead of traditional napkin rings and added a few acorns.I liked the rustic feel, and they were also free. The leaves can work great as “place cards” too for your big Thanksgiving meal. Just use a white or gold pen.

My favorite décor pieces have often come from reinventing an old piece or creating something new all together with what I have on hand- or in this case, in my yard. This year my favorite DIY project was this magnolia leaf runner. I could not love my magnolia tree more. It gives me pretty leaves for spring, blooms for summer, and beautiful amber tones for fall.

Fall Decor Magnolia Leaf Runner

This magnolia runner was completely free, it just required a little time. As in, naptime for my little ones so I could focus and tie all these pretty leaves together.

Here’s all you need for a DIY Magnolia Leaf Runner for your table.

Scissors- Floral Wire- Twine- Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia Leaf Runner

I would typically wrap three leaves at a time with the floral wire and then wrap the wire around the twine, layer and repeat. Side note: if I was trying to make garland to hang over a fireplace or door, I would have used wired twine that would hold it’s shape better. But since this was just for a table, my twine worked. There you have it. My frugal fall table and a DIY magnolia leaf runner. Happy Fall!

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