Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Pumpkins
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Pregnancy Announcement Idea: Three Little Pumpkins

October 10, 2017

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Pumpkins

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

It’s official! We are adding another pumpkin to our patch, and we are pretty excited about it! Each pregnancy is different and should still be celebrated. Even if it takes longer with each pregnancy to find the time to document and celebrate it. Do yourself a favor and snap an image of this stage in your life. Whether it’s your first or your fifth. You and your littles will never be at this stage again. It’s precious, it’s fleeting, and it should be remembered. It doesn’t have to be planned or fancy. It can be a simple iphone photo of your growing (even if it’s not noticeable) belly and your family. Just do it. You’ll be happy you did, and so will your little ones.

Pregnancy Announcement: Three Little Pumpkins

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Pumpkins

Knowing that fall was quickly approaching I knew I wanted to incorporate the season into our pregnancy announcement photos. I searched Pinterest high and low and found nothing specific for fall pregnancy announcements or for baby #3. So I thought I’d share our announcement in case another mama is searching for inspiration for announcing her bundle of joy during the fall season. Just when you thought fall couldn’t be celebrated anymore, ha! It’s also an easy way to remember the date (by baby number three my memory is long gone) and knock out fall photos in one snap (well a few snaps). Here’s what I did- and a few tips on what not to do…

What To Do

1.Being that this was #3 for us I picked out 3 different size faux pumpkins that I could easily write on with a marker. This could also be cute with fall leaves.

2. I bought a washable marker so I could easily wipe them off and use them for fall decorations.

3.Try to find a solid background or a uncluttered part of your yard and snap away.

What Not To Do

1.If you live in a humid state-hello Florida, you might not want to use a washable marker. Ours were melting, smearing, and added to the hot mess that was already happening during our mini photo shoot. You could use stickers for a super easy project.

2. Don’t aim for perfect photos. It’s fine to ask for smiles, but don’t expect every photo to be perfect or you and your littles will be disappointed. Ask them to look at mommy, look at each other, but don’t over stage. My favorite shot may be my youngest (soon to be middle child) scowling in one of the photos.

Pregnancy Announcement Pumpkins

Adding another baby definitely adds another layer of stress and responsibility. However, it also adds a new excitement, love, and fun dynamic to your growing family. Best wishes to all of you mamas out there!

And if you’re looking for more family photo tips in general, see my post Family Photo Tips.